Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Charters

Marathon, Florida is one of the best places in the world to catch a huge trophy sized Tarpon. Captain Mike Taute is an expert Tarpon fishing guide with 20 years experience consistently catching huge trophy-sized Tarpon. Put those two factors together and you have a recipe for success!

Tarpon can be caught all year round in Marathon, Florida but the Tarpon bite in April, May, June, and July is usually on fire.  Every year as Florida Keys water temperatures begin to reach 75 degrees, massive schools of Tarpon make the dangerous journey across the shark-infested ocean from the warm waters of the Carribean and Mexico and settle into Florida’s estuaries, bays, canals, and bridges. When these huge schools of Tarpon travel, they have one thing on their mind and that’s to get to their destination. Once they get to the Florida Keys their focus shifts to eating and spawning.  They do not eat during their journey they just move as fast as they can for the sake of survival which means when they get here they are very hungry! This massive migration of Tarpon usually reaches its peak when the worm hatch comes.

The Palolo worm hatch is quite the sight to see if you are lucky enough to witness it. The worm hatch usually occurs with a full or new moon in May and a late outgoing tide.  Captains that fish inshore daily usually know when it is coming because the Tarpon behave oddly before the hatch with anticipation and excitement.  Scientists have their theories but no one really knows why Tarpon go so crazy for these little red worms but they do! A single  200lb Tarpon can easily eat them by the thousands and not be full, so why bother? The effects on Tarpon behavior during the hatch is almost as if they are high or intoxicated! Some scientists believe perhaps the worms are an aphrodisiac for the Tarpon as both the worm and the Tarpon are in spawning mode. Whatever the reason, it is a driving factor as to why the Tarpon show up in Marathon in such great numbers and provides us with fantastic opportunities to catch them!

Tarpon Fishing Charters
Florida Keys Tarpon Guide

Even if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds of Tarpon getting one to eat is another thing. Presenting the right bait, in the right location properly is a major factor in getting a bite. Tarpon eat a wide variety of food including but not limited to worms, crabs, mullet, pinfish etc. This is where having an experienced Captain like Mike Taute is a major factor in your success. He knows which baits to use under which bridges AND which bridges and pylons are successfully producing Tarpon bites. Positioning the boat and anchoring properly is also a major factor. Captain Mike knows how to read the tides and current to make sure your baits have the best chance of triggering a bite. Once you are hooked up the real work begins! A 200lb Tarpon does not give up without a fight. They will fight for hours sometimes and try all sorts of tricks like chaffing you off on a bridge pylon or wrapping you up in someone’s anchor line. Large Tarpon can reach ages older than 60 years at these sizes and they didn’t get that big by being dumb! Captain Mike can maneuver the boat during your epic battle and give you expert advice throughout the entire process in order to have the best chance of landing it. If you would like to check a huge Tarpon off your bucket list this Spring/Summer call  (305) 394-2620 or fill our contact form today!